Indoor climbing in Arco and Trento

Climb in a gym with a mountain guide

If 30 years ago rock climbing in crag has raised the level of mountaineering, today rock climbing in gym is raising the level of climbing in crag. In the last few years the athletes are opening new routes of a unthinkable difficulty just a few years ago and Adam Ondra is the example. Indoor climbing is also good training to prepare yourself or improve your outdoor climbing skills.

Climbing in a gym is practical and comfortable. We can go all year round: in winter when it is too cold to be outdoors, in the evening when it is dark outside or on rainy days.

Arrampicata Indoor Arco Mountain Guide

You can start climbing in a gym at four years old already, because the big coloured handholds are intuitive for the youngest too.

At the base of the boulder walls there is a large mattress to give you maximum safety, there are walls adapted for beginners and children.

The modifiable tracings, moreover, are a great advantage from the point of view of the training because they are adaptable according to age, height and strength.

There are no age limits and you don’t need a specific physical preparation, you just have to want to get involved and learn a new sport discipline as physical as it is mental, which will help you develop a great awareness of your body.


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