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The Location

Arco and the Sarca valley are famous around the world for rock climbing. There are many reasons for this: the limestone rock, full of holds, which look as it was made on purpose, the climate breezy in the summer and mild in the winter which allow you to climb all year round, the work of local enthusiasts who clean and maintain the crags which are at the feet of the villages and easily accessible, since time immemorial. For this reason Lake Garda is the right place to approach the vertical world or to improve yourself.

Climbing is harmony

I love climbing because it reawakens our primaeval instincts and stimulates the movement of the whole body. Human beings are born to climb: you can notice that children like to go vertical everywhere is possible. Climbing is a very beautiful instinctive movement, it is a continuous change between static and dynamic balances. It is awesome  to feel the body moving in harmony on a rock wall.

arrampicata belvedere

Rock climbing, like free dancing, develops a big understanding of your own body and the ability to find dynamic solutions by yourself, because you move in complete freedom.

In rock climbing you can’t cheat, there is no place for excuses and you learn to challenge your fears. I know,  it is difficult at the start, you have to put yourself at risk and face up to the fear of heights but I am sure there is nothing better than learning how to move on a crag  and feel yourself in harmony with your own body.

My courses

Rock climbing is a sport for everybody but you can’t improvise: you have to know the equipment and the dynamics to climb in safety. To fall is possible, but the danger decreases if you are properly prepared and respect the rules you are taught during a climbing course.

There is no particular athletic training required to participate in one of my courses.

I organize basic and advanced rock climbing courses, for both adults and boys and children from six years and above. My courses are customised and you will be part of a small group with shared objectives. Everybody will learn and improve at different times and in different ways and I will be there with you, focused on your needs. This is my philosophy.


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