Climbing and multi-pitch routes on Lake Garda

The valley of the Sarca river for alpine route climbing

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The multi-pitch routes in Lake Garda, Arco and the Sarca valley are perfect routes for first time climbers as well as training grounds to approach the more challenging alpine routes. There are many excellent routes, some of which are considered to be amongst the most beautiful in the Alps.

Here in Arco and in the Alto Garda there are easy to difficult multi pitch routes, up to 1000 meters long, and thanks to the temperate climate of Lake Garda the climbing season is much longer than in the Dolomites.

The routes are close together and many have a quick access and return. Now you know that the choice is huge but be aware that all mountaineering requires a certain level of rock climbing ability and physical fitness.

arrampicata arco

If you are ready and prepared for the beautiful routes available in the Dolomites we can easily get you there in a short time from our base here in Arco. There, waiting for you, are climbing routes both exceedingly beautiful and unique. These routes are fundamentally different from those we can offer here in Arco. The Dolomites are unique and majestic and proof that real beauty exists. It is for this very reason they have become a World Heritage Site.

We teach you to climb multi pitch routes and offer courses in beginner or advanced techniques. We can also come along with you in order to ensure your complete safety on long routes that you have always wanted to attempt but did not  feel sufficiently prepared to tackle alone.


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