Outdoor sport on Lake Garda for youngsters

Mountain activities for the well-being of the little ones

Vertical dimensions and mountain activities allow you to challenge your inner self, your fears and your ability to overcome them. But during the activities children can also have fun, be spontaneous, learn and communicate.

Climbing, via ferrata, canyoning, ski touring, freeride skiing and snowshoeing help to form the character and improves self esteem of the participants.

It’s well known that practicing outdoor sport improves happiness and wellbeing. Children can move freely, they relate with nature and their body, free from fixed schemes typical of other sports disciplines where the gesture is precise and aimed at winning the competition.

One of my passions is to accompany children into an environment which is different than the one the normally live in.

Vertical activity has plenty of valences and a lot of interpretations. I enjoy watching how they learn to trust their equipment , their companions, and themselves. It is wonderful to see how they feel the responsibility of the partner they belay or help, so that they learn to become responsible in life too.

It is with this spirit that I observe and help them to grow up happy.


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