Canyoning in Lake Garda

Adrenaline and endless fun canyoning in Trentino and the Ledro valley

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It’s magical to immerse yourself in the crystal clear limpid waters of a  mountain creek.

We follow the water courses scoured through limestone rock over millions of years. We will slide, we will lower ourselves with a rope and will dive down natural slides, water holes waterfalls and narrow defiles which often become actual caves.

It seems almost impossible such places could exist, so wild and unique. I have taken lots of people canyoning over the years and their amazement confirms my words.

It is difficult to explain, the only way to see this exclusive environment is to live it, doing canyoning, with the right equipment and accompanied by a mountain guide.

Do you know that on Lake Garda there are the most beautiful canyons of Europe?

Why? Because our limestone rock dissolves more efficiently than granite. The constant passage of water has burrowed into the rock forming deep channels that only nature has the ability to create.The waters in our canyons, moreover,  are not from a glacier nor from dissolving snow and for this reason are not particularly cold: we can do canyoning for seven months of the year, every day from april to october.

Practically, how does it work going canyoning with a mountain guide?

We get together at the meeting point  and with my minibus we arrive at the start of the canyoning. Once we have parked we wear a 5mm wetsuits, shoes, a seat harness, life vest and helmet which I supply. The approach to the creek is quick and never too challenging. Once in the water the fun begins and I accompany you in safety inside this magic world.

There are no obligatory routes and the grade of difficulty changes according to your experience and skills;  I can lower you down by rope if you don’t want to do the jumps and dive into the natural pools. There are no particular physical requirements and you do not need to be able to swim, although I recommend it, the wetsuit and the life vest will keep you afloat.

Bring the swimming costume and a craving  for adventure, all the rest can be left to me.

Be ready to feel free in close contact with nature.

We are going to have fun!


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