Freeride skiing in Trentino and the Dolomites

Enjoyment and adrenaline on the snow

With a sense of liberty and freedom carve a track on immaculate unskied snowfields. Skiing wide open spaces a long way from the piste is like returning to the spiritual roots of skiing. These are unique and unforgettable days.

Different from ski touring, when freeride skiing we use the lift to get to the top in order to ski off-piste. Thanks to the lifts we only need a short time to get to off piste skiing with runs that can be as long as 1000 metres of virgin snow.

freeride skiing

Like all activities in the snow we are completely governed by the snow conditions and its stability.

We will take you to the Dolomites, Pordoi or the Mer de Glace in the heart of Mont Blanc for excursions which are both safe and enjoyable.

All the safety equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe) will be provided by me, if you do not have your own.

We will endeavour to be in the right place at the right time to find the very best snow conditions. Under my supervision and always with an eye on complete safety, you can either learn or improve in this fascinating ski discipline and gain an introduction to some of the best places for freeriding.


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