Activities and outdoor sports for schools in Lake Garda

Programs and educational objectives for school children

I am certified by CONI as a children’s instructor, as well as an instructor and planner for FASI, I am also educator and a certified mountain guide. I love to get children outside the classroom to where they have to confront themselves. It is stimulating to observe them,  discover who they are and what they need in order to improve their well being. In this way sport becomes an educational tool that rebalances the group and brings out individual problems that need solving.

I have been working with schools for many years and organising outdoor activities such as canyoning, via ferrata, climbing and snowshoeing. Being in the open air in a vertical environment brings a benefit both physical and mental for the individual and also for the group.

The children learn to work in a group and trust their companions whilst taking into account their individual fears. They are compelled to play the game.

These activities are particularly well adapted where there are problems with class discipline difficult children or bullying. A structured programme with educational objectives brings an equilibrium to the group and improves the rapport amongst themselves.


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