Canyoning Palvico in Lake Garda

Canyoning route in the Palvico river, in the Ledro valley

The canyon is located in the Ledro valley, in a beautiful gorge on the river Palvico; it is deeply scoured with lots of grottoes and narrow passages. The outset is very tranquil and halfway down there is a fast and fun slide for 15 metres which finishes by dropping you into a natural pool in a dimly lit cavern. We then go on into the cavern where the swirling waters create a light show prompted by every movement. The waters generate eerie sounds and a magical atmosphere, it is truly fascinating and has to be experienced to really appreciate it.

Fullness on adrenaline continues with a final abseil of 50 metres alongside a spectacular waterfall.

This canyon is rated as medium difficulty, perfectly ok for a first experience of canyoning but the slide and the final abseil are obligatory. If you have never done any canyoning, I would advise you to start with the canyoning Vione or the Rio Nero. You’re welcome, if you are confident with the abseil and have no fear of closed spaces.

Meeting point in Ampola pass
Transfer from meeting point Arco, only on request price 5€ per person.
Transfer from your hotel, airport or train station on request.


Necessary skills

  • mustn't have fear of water

Services included

  • Mountain guide UIAGM
  • Equipment rental
  • Transfer from meeting point Arco €5/person
  • In August transfert service from Arco is not included, only on request for 5€ per person

What to bring

  • Swimsuit already worn
  • Sneakers to be used in water
  • Towel
  • A complete clothes change and a pair of shoes

Meeting point with transfer

Caneve car park, Via Paolo Leonardi 38062 Arco TN

The car park is located near the center of Arco, in the Caneve area: it is comfortable, large, free and easy to reach, even on foot. From there we leave together with my van.

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Meeting point

Albergo Ampola

Strada Per Tremalzo, 6
38060 Tiarno Di Sopra, Ledro (TN)
+39 0464 595041

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On demand rental of anti slip water shoes for €3,00



No, you don’t need to be able to climb.

Jumps are not obligatory, if you don’t want to do them you can be lowered by rope, the same goes for the slides.

No, you only need to be able to float aided and not be afraid of water.

Yes you should arrive already wearing one. You also need to bring a towel, a dry change of clothes and a spare pair of shoes to put on when the canyoning is over.

No, because everything will get completely soaked, anything you take with you once we leave the minibus has to stay with you until the end of the canyoning. There is no possibility of leaving things along the route.

It is better not to unless they are absolutely necessary. We recommend to go canyoning without, if you can see sufficiently without glasses. If you really do need to wear glasses you have to take them off and put them in your wetsuit for jumping and sliding into water. The glasses must have a cord in order to avoid losing them. A more suitable option is contact lenses.

Better not to wear anything valuable. If you should loose something it is impossible to find it again in a torrent with rushing water. Also these objects can settle on the bottom hidden by stones.

For canyoning you need a 5mm wetsuit, neoprene shoes, a seat harness, a life vest and a helmet. I provide all of these things. When you sign up for a canyoning experience we need to have the list of participants with their name, height, weight and shoe size of each one.

On request you can rent non slip shoes suitable to wear in water for 3 €.

Everything gets soaked but not ruined.

Yes you will be soaked including your hair because your descent takes place in a river inside a canyon.



69 €
64 €

under 19


from April to October, on request

Total duration

4 hours (2 in water)


Val di Ledro



Fitness Level

Age limit minimum

9 years old



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Rent the action Cam for 15 euros and the micro SD card is yours

take home the best moments of your adventure


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