Mountaineering route of 92° congresso, at Arco

Alpine route easy but intriguing of Monte Baone

The mountaineering route of 92 congresso is located in the area of Arco and climbs the ridge of Monte Baone. A walk which alternates with a very easy climb awaits you and does not require any particular experience. The way is very easy and spectacular but endearing and intriguing because we will climb a ridge of rock where you need to seek the path; you will have to search for the right handholds on the rock which are not compulsory like when you follow the rope of a via ferrata.

This route is quite short and does not require any particular athletic preparation and is suitable for all. I recommend it if you already have experience on a via ferrata.


Necessary skills

  • Experience on via ferrata

Services included

  • Mountain guide UIAGM
  • Equipment rental
  • Transfer from meeting point

What to bring

  • Trekking or running shoes
  • Sportswear
  • Backpack with snack and water
  • Waterproof jacket

Meeting point with transfer

Caneve car park, Via Paolo Leonardi 38062 Arco TN

The car park is located near the center of Arco, in the Caneve area: it is comfortable, large, free and easy to reach, even on foot. From there we leave together with my van.

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Bring a lightweight backpack with a jacket, drinking water and a snack/energy bar.

A pair of low trekking shoes or trainers are fine, sandals even those with a trekking sole are not suitable.

Wear comfortable and sportive clothing.

Yes, you will feel enthusiast when you climb attached to a metal cable and you will feel extremely safe.

No climbing skills are required. A via ferrata helps you to arrive at the summit without needing any climbing or mountaineering skills.

Via Ferrata

Alpine route 92° congresso

90 €


All year round, on request

Total duration

4 hours





Fitness Level

Age limit minimum

10 years old



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