Safe activities

Terms and conditions

General conditions of the contract

By registering for the proposed activities you accept the following terms and conditions.


Mountain guides practise most of their activities in dangerous environments. Even with the support of a qualified mountain guide who uses all the knowledge at his disposal, during the activity there may be risks or residual dangers. By registering you acknowledge these risks and dangers, you also renounce any possibility of recourse for damages and do not assign responsibility to the mountain guide.


The mountain guide is insured with a civil liability policy.
Our rates do not include the customer injury policy.


The prices are per person, they include the provision of the guide and use of equipment.
They do not include everything that is not specified and agreed upon at the time of registration.

Minimum numbers of participants

Some courses or excursions will be carried out only if we reach the minimum number of participants expected by the program.

Variations of the programme

The mountain guide can modify or cancel the programme or itinerary, at his discretion, and at any time, if the conditions of safety, weather or customer ability make it necessary.

Registering and confirmation of the booking

The registration, even verbal, involves the acceptance of all the terms and conditions listed above. The registration for some planned activities, such as climbing courses or mountain activities lasting several days, is considered valid only after payment of the registration fee.


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